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Ram Chand
Ram Chand
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Wonderful experience. I was in search of natural hair colour for many years. In my search I got many and tried too but in vain. I am by nature near perfectionist and always continue to do so irrespective of my criticism. And ultimately I got your product.
Thank you so much .

Stars reviews Verified Purchase

This is incredible. This face wash made my skin ultimately soft which I feel touching it often. Mine is a completely oily face, I often feel ennai kathirikai while seeing in mirror. But after couple is usages, I found my skin not to be oily for a good long duration and I don't even find a pimple in my face these days which I used to get during periods and some tiny pimples around my jaw. Thanks for the effort Dr.Hema and team. If possible, pls consider the price which will be of good help to us. Thank you.

Radha Shakunthla
Radha Shakunthla
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The ingredients are almost the same what my mom prepared for me in my school days… loved to use the same for my daughter

12 Natural Solutions for Hair Loss

Posted by Hemapriya Natesan on

12 Natural Solutions for Hair Loss

Hair loss breaking your heart? Find out why this may be happening and follow it up with our Natural Solutions for Hair Loss and regain a full head of hair!

It’s there everywhere you go. You can’t seem to escape it. The worst part is that the more you worry about it the more it happens. 

Can you guess what we’re talking about? It’s hair fall.

Only someone who has been through the experience of seeing stray strands on the pillow or in the shower drain knows the pain of hair fall. Every time it happens, your heart breaks just a little more and you wonder, “What is happening to my hair?”

What is hair loss?

Simply losing hair from your head does not qualify as a hair loss problem. Falling hair is a perfectly normal part of the hair rejuvenation cycle. A hair loss of about 100 strands a day is considered normal and doesn’t cause any noticeable difference. 

However, when the loss of hair is more than this or when the hair growth cycle seems disrupted, this is when a hair loss problem is diagnosed. Most people begin to notice this when they see more than usual hair in their hairbrush or on their pillows, but more serious signs include an obvious thinning of hair on the head, a widening part or in more severe cases, bald patches.

Why does hair loss occur?

There are many reasons why hair loss can occur, but some common causes are:

  • Genes or family history
  • Hormonal changes due to pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, PCOS, birth control pills or a thyroid problem
  • Scalp infections such as ringworm 
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Side effects of medicines
  • Drastic weight loss
  • Sudden emotional shock
  • Too much or too tight hair styling

Besides these, hair loss could be due to underlying medical conditions like diabetes. Hair fall can also be weather-related, for instance hair fall is usually more during winters since the dry air can make hair weaker. 

So now we know what the problem is and why it’s happening. Now let’s get down to the real thing – how do we solve this problem?

If you go to any beauty store, department store or even supermarket, you’re sure to find shelves after shelves laden with products that promise to control your hair loss. There are oils, creams, lotions, shampoos and more, from all brands. However, the problem with these prettily packaged bottles is that these more often than not aggravate the problem rather than solving it. 

Instead, why not skip the toxins in these products and go the natural route instead? Depending upon the cause of your hair loss, there are many things you can do right at home to control it, and that too without any side effects!

12 Natural Solutions for Hair Loss

12 Natural Solutions for Hair Loss

  1. Know your Hair Type

12 Natural Solutions for Hair Loss

How well do you know your hair? This is the first step before undertaking any kind of hair care routine or treatment. Knowing your hair type is crucial to make the right decisions regarding the kind of product to apply, the frequency of application etc. For instance, a dry scalp shouldn’t be washed too frequently, but an oily one needs regular washes. Also if you have dandruff, it could also be one reason you’re losing hair.

  1. Use the Right Products

Yes, you have to use the right product for your hair type, but you should also be using a product that won’t hurt your hair (and the environment) in the long run. Haircare products these days are loaded with toxic chemicals like sulfates, parabens and silicones that can cause long term hair damage that can even be irreversible. Instead, read the ingredient list carefully before buying anything.

  1. Eat a balanced diet

You are what you eat, and so is your hair! Lack of even a single nutrient can disrupt the hair growth cycle and lead to hair fall. Instead of artificial supplements, ensure your diet is packed with iron-rich foods like lean meats, fish, broccoli and leafy greens as well as with biotin-rich foods like eggs, wheat and mushrooms. More than anything, make sure you’re getting enough protein from eggs, lean meat, cottage cheese, fish, nuts and seeds. Besides these, it is crucial to drink enough water, since the hair shaft is mainly made up of water.

  1. Be Gentle with Hair Care

Be very gentle with your hair, especially when washing. Wet hair is very weak and the most prone to damage. Use cool water to wash hair; hot water dehydrates hair and makes it brittle. Use a wide-toothed comb to avoid too much pulling. Avoid tight hairstyles like ponytails. If using hair gel or spray, comb hair before it dries, since the hardened hair can break easily. When going out, protect your hair from sunlight and rainwater.

  1. Avoid Harsh Hair Treatments

If you’re a parlour-junkie, here’s news for you – your chemical hair treatments are probably what’s making your hair fall. All kinds of harsh treatments that use heat or chemicals like curling, perming, bonding, coloring etc. are definitely not good for your hair, and the damage can be visible before long. 

If you can’t avoid these treatments completely, make it easier on your hair by using cool or low-temperature settings. When colouring your hair, avoid going for a drastic color change, since this will require the application of several layers of chemicals on your hair.

  1. Indulge in a Massage

12 Natural Solutions for Hair Loss

Yes, we’re talking about the good ol’ Indian champi here! A good massage has been proven to stimulate blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles, which nourishes the roots and promotes hair growth. It’s better to use oil rather than go for a dry massage, so that the massage is smoother. Use the pads of the fingers and not the nails, and massage in circular motions.

  1. Make a Fenugreek Hair Mask

fenugreek mask

Fenugreek isn’t just for your curry, it’s an excellent remedy for hair loss. It contains nicotinic acid that strengthens roots and follicles, thereby preventing hair fall. Soak half a cup of fenugreek seeds overnight and grind to a paste. Apply all over the scalp, leave for half an hour and wash off.

  1. Apply Aloe Vera

Aloevera Mask

Aloe vera’s healing properties work to repair a damaged scalp, moisturizing it and encouraging further hair growth. Aloe vera also works against dandruff and excessive oil, both of which prevent hair growth. All you need to do is apply pure aloe vera all over the scalp. Finding products with aloe vera in it will also help.

  1. Try an Egg Hair Mask

egg mask

Hair is basically 70% protein, called keratin. This is why protein is so important in the diet, but it also works when applied directly on the hair. Mix a whole egg with a tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil and apply all over the scalp. Let it sit for 15 minutes and wash off. 

  1. Rinse your hair with Green Tea

12 Natural Solutions for Hair Loss

It is a well known fact that green tea contains loads of antioxidants, but it also contains a special polyphenol called EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate) which is particularly helpful for hair. This compound stimulates the cells of the scalp and can also reverse some of the hair loss. Make green tea with 2-3 tea bags and when cool, pour it over the scalp and hair. Leave it on for an hour and wash off with water.

  1. Use Onion Juice

12 Natural Solutions for Hair Loss

It may sound a little strange, but giving your hair an onion juice drink may be the best thing you feed it! The sulfur in onions increase blood circulation to the scalp, increase collagen growth and also help treat scalp infections. Grind a few onions and squeeze out the juice and apply to your scalp. Leave for 15 minutes and wash off with shampoo.

  1. Include Essential Oils

Several studies have shown that aromatherapy, or the use of essential oils, can help in treating and preventing hair loss. Geranium oil, lemon oil, cedarwood and lavender are all popular picks for hair care. Jojoba oil helps hair cells reproduce faster, and rosemary oil can promote new hair growth. You can add a few drops of essential oil to any of your regular hair products or you can mix it with a carrier oil and apply directly on your scalp.

Please note that some people may have a reaction to essential oils, so it’s best to do a patch test on a small area and wait for 24 hours before applying all over the scalp.

Last but definitely not least, minimize the stress in your life. Stress and lack of sleep are key reasons for hair loss for most of us, and combating stress can easily help reverse the situation. Make sure to get enough rest and activity, and try methods like meditation or journaling. 

Please remember that hair loss can also be due to an underlying medical condition, so if these Natural Solutions for Hair Loss don’t work, it’s best to speak to a dermatologist to find the actual cause behind your hair loss.

12 Natural Solutions for Hair Loss


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