Our Story

Soundaryah was birthed in 2019 when I, a Child Nutritionist, Dr Hemapriya Gopi and my husband Dr Gopi Nallaiyan, an award winning Paediatric Surgeon joined hands and hearts with Sohini Trehan, an International Holistic Counsellor and Herbalist.

As a doctor couple we were truly inspired to live a 100% natural lifestyle and with Sohini’s support were able to adopt chemical free ways of face, hair and body care. But this journey was not easy as almost everything available in the market was laced with chemicals and toxins which were alarmingly dangerous for us and had even worse risks for the planet and our future generations.

So in our quest for sourcing 100% natural wellness solutions for our selves and our children,we understood the sheer extent of how much toxins were actually present in our daily usageproducts like face washes, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, face creams, lotions and even pure herbal oils and serums.What shocked me even more was the realization of how far as a human race we have come from using herbs and plants in their natural forms to highly processed chemicals.

After a year of switching back to natural self care , the answer was very clear to me --- going back to our roots and to a simpler natural life is the only way forward. And that is how Soundaryah was birthed --- with the pure intention of creating awareness about the importance of using natural and chemical free wellness products ---just like our ancestors did through the use of indigenous herbs and locally available resources.

Our mission started with reaching out to fellow mothers and creating a natural wellness community to help people replace toxic body care products with simple, safe and effective solutions that have been used since ancient times. And month after month more and more people joined us sharing their transformative journey of how going natural helped reclaim their health effectively. As we researched more and dug deeper into the healing magic of pure herbal hair, skin and body care our growing community became our main research area with mothers using just oils and kitchen ingredients instead of bottled products! And with every replacement of a bottled shampoo to a powdered herb, soaps to ubtans, conditioners to pure oils, people started feeling better and experiencing better skin, hair and body health!

At this point as more and more community members joined us, a gaping need for finding and using pure and sustainably sourced ingredients emerged.

Our fellow naturalists reached out to us continuously for references and suggestions for marketplaces where they could get the most natural, additive and preservative free herbs- And we again realized the non -existence of 100% natural herbal hair, skin and body care sources. This urgent need for helping people have access to pure ingredients, started us on a quest to create a wellness range with the most unadulterated products with ingredients in their virgin form free from chemicals, detergents,colours, stabilizers, artificial perfumes and preservatives …just pure authentic plant sources,sustainably grown, locally sourced and responsibly packaged keeping everyone from the farmer to the user and the environment in accountability.

Yes, the story of Soundaryah has a long history and we have a longer way to navigate ahead. But I am proud that Soundaryah is founded on real experiences and real people striving together to create a happier and healthier version of ourselves, our loved ones and our future generations.

Each and every product created under Soundaryah’s range is crafted based on age old ayurvedic formulations using ZERO CHEMICALS and personally curated with sourced ingredients and minimal processing of herbs after months of sampling, feedback and reviews.

At Soundaryah we believe that nothing is more important in these modern times for our health and that of our loved ones than going back to our roots and embracing natural wellness and body care practices. And this is why we wanted to share our personal journey through Soundaryah and make simple, traditional and 100% natural handcrafted wellness essentials accessible to everyone.

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