Hair Care

When you spot one grey hair on your head, you immediately think of one thing – hair dye. We don’t think about the side effects it may have on your hair. Hair dye? More like hair die!
How to wash hair without shampoo ?
The men in each of our lives matter a lot to us, may it be your brother, father, friend, son or husband. Just like you would take care of your hair, the special men in your life should also know how to do the same for themselves.
How to use Amla for hair greying ?
10 Easy Tips for Curly Hair Frizz Control
Natural Hair Cleanse Routine for Busy Women
The rise in types of hair cleansing products has left every woman baffled. There’s a new product for every single issue, but why go for over-the-counter products when you have one solution for all your hair problems – shikakai powder.
Struggling with hair loss? Explore age old remedies of Ayurveda and learn How to Use Raw Amla for Hair Growth using only natural ingredients.
Tired of the frizz and can't seem to fix it? Maybe what you need are some Natural Remedies for Frizzy Hair that don't involve the use of any chemicals!
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