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Coconut Oil for Face – 10 Easy Hacks

Posted by Hemapriya Natesan on

Coconut Oil for Face – 10 Easy Hacks

Coconut oil is a staple in our lives since many centuries but did you know that this multifaceted oil can be used in many innovative ways apart from normal skin and hair care?

What is the first thing which comes to mind when you think of coconut oil? Maybe a quiet beach with tall coconut trees? Maybe a nice bowl of hot soothing Kerala rasam? Even the memory of your grandmother narrating fables while oiling your hair before bed. Long story short, the thought of coconut evokes a warm fuzzy emotion in your heart, a fond childhood memory or even a fun vacation spot. Just like these versatile feelings, coconut itself can be useful in many ways to the mankind.

Coconut oil especially is a magic elixir which is used everywhere, right from the bathroom to the kitchen. The internet is full of recipes and skincare hacks involving coconut oil but it can get confusing to go through each and every one of them. So, if you want to cut through all the clutter and really learn the benefits of coconut oil for skin, we’re here to help. In order to make your job easier, we have compiled 10 best hacks of coconut oil for your face.

First let’s consider the types of coconut oil available, which are:

  • Refined coconut oil

Refined oils are possessing no coconut flavor or aroma. They are produced from dried copra, not fresh coconuts, and the oil typically undergoes various levels of processing, including being deodorized and bleached. This type of coconut oil is generally used for cooking and not to be applied to the skin or hair. The only advantage of refined coconut oil may be the higher smoke point when cooked.

  • Unrefined, virgin cold pressed coconut oil

Unrefined coconut oil, which is made by pressing the edible flesh of the coconut and generally doesn’t contain added chemicals, is the best for skin care. Most high-quality coconut oil is solid in form when kept at temperatures under 75°F (23.889°C). Solid coconut oil liquefies when warmed or heated.

The best type of coconut oil for skin is organic, virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil, as it’s the least processed of the bunch so it retains the most nutrients. When using coconut oil for your face, avoid buying the more processed varieties produced primarily for food purposes. It may be great for cooking, but you don’t necessarily want it on your face!

Cold pressed virgin coconut oil helps in protecting the hair strands against damage which can occur quite often with all the products we tend to put in our hair regularly. As a result of the protection that it offers against breakage and damage of hair, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil helps in the growth of your hair. Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil can help fight dandruff off as it contains fatty acids along with Vitamins E and K, which are wonderful for your scalp, and help nourish it back to a state where the dryness disappears, and so does dandruff. It also has many other benefits like protection from lice, getting rid of frizz, helping against greying of hair, etc. When used on skin, it acts as a natural moisturizer and soothes any irritation on the skin. Cold pressed coconut oil also has soothing, anti-bacterial properties which can help reduce the redness, patchy scales, the thickness and the flakiness caused by skin conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis. All these properties combined together makes coconut oil an elixir for skin and hair and is regarded as superior in Ayurveda.

Coconut Oil for Face – 10 Easy Hacks

Coconut oil is a staple in our lives since many centuries but did you know that this multifaceted oil can be used in many innovative ways apart from normal skin and hair care?


1. Coconut Oil as Cleanser

Coconut Oil for Face – 10 Easy Hacks

To use pure coconut oil as a cleanser, take a small amount in your hands, rub it until it becomes liquid, then spread all over your face. Allow it to absorb for a few moments, then wipe your face with a warm wet cloth. The same process applies when using coconut oil as a makeup remover. You can also put a small amount on a cotton ball or pad and use it to wipe your eye area clean.


2. Coconut Oil as Moisturizer

Coconut Oil for Face – 10 Easy Hacks

Coconut oil with its hydrating capacity owing to the high number of fatty acids makes the skin feel delicate and supple by penetrating the skin’s deepest layers.

Before hitting the bed, take 1- 2 drops of coconut oil rub it within your palms just to warm it a bit and gently massage it on to your face and neck. You will wake up with silky smooth skin. This routine could even be followed after having a shower to maintain your face moisturized throughout the day.

Note - We do not recommend the overnight application of coconut oil for acne-prone and oily skin.


3. Coconut oil as Natural Highlighter

Coconut Oil for Face – 10 Easy Hacks

If you are trying to stray away from chemical-laden make up but still want the high points of your face to glow, go ahead and dab a light amount of coconut oil on your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, and finally under your brow bone. This would make your cheekbones prominent and accentuate your facial features in a subtle yet effective way. This will do the trick of make up without having to use any!


4. Reduce Dark circles and Hyper-pigmentation

Coconut Oil for Face – 10 Easy Hacks

Coconut oil could lighten the areas under your eyes and even help in reducing the spots caused by hyperpigmentation. It even diminishes the puffy look of the eye bags since it consists of anti-inflammatory properties. However, be certain about the cause of the dark circles since in some conditions they can even be an indication of underlying health implications. Now you don’t need to worry about having panda eyes after those late hours at work or staying up late at night for your newborn.


5. Natural Makeup Remover

Coconut Oil for Face – 10 Easy Hacks

Coconut oil in a large quantity is quite oleaginous and slimy. This property works effectively to cleanse your skin and pulls off the makeup seamlessly. It not only removes water-resistant make-up formulas but also leaves your skin feeling moisturized. You can easily remove the toughest of make up with just one swipe. It is also environmentally friendly as you don’t necessarily need cotton swabs to apply oil. You can simply massage it in with your fingers and wash away with a natural face cleanser.


6. Mild Facial Exfoliator

Coconut Oil for Face – 10 Easy Hacks

Coconut oil along with brown sugar can work out as a perfect scrub for your skin-care routine. Coconut oil will assist in adding and maintaining the moisture of the skin and sugar would function as an exfoliator, helping to pull out the dark heads, whiteheads along with the dead skin cells. This is an ideal scrub for those prone to facing dust pollution.

Add 2 tsp coconut oil to 2 ½ tsp brown sugar in a bowl. You can also add some freshly ground coffee to the mix. Mix it well and immediately scrub your face gently in a circular motion. As facial skin is comparatively thinner, being too aggressive while scrubbing could cause abrasions, especially under the eyes. Next, wash out the scrub after rubbing for half a minute and wash your face with lukewarm water.

Depending on the exposure the frequency of applying this face scrub could be every alternate day to twice in a week.


7. Tan Removal

Coconut Oil for Face – 10 Easy Hacks

Lemon being a citrus fruit, is pretty high on the pH index level and filled with vitamin C which helps as an anti-oxidant and at the same time reduces the melanin. Lemon even decreases excess oil from the skin and embodies anti-inflammation properties.

To make the mixture, squeeze half a lemon in a bowl and add one tbsp of coconut oil to it. Apply it generously over the face. Leave the product for 10 minutes and later rinse it off with lukewarm water. This mask can be effectively applied twice a week. Care must be taken to not use this mixture in case of excessively dry skin.


8. Coconut oil for Radiant Skin

Coconut Oil for Face – 10 Easy Hacks

Turmeric is used extensively for providing a natural glow to your skin. Turmeric contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it ideal for reducing redness and puffiness along with reviving your skin complexion and bringing back that faded radiance.

By using turmeric along with Coconut oil, you get benefits of both the magic ingredients, leaving your skin wholly nourished. To make this face mask, blend ½ tbsp turmeric along with 2 tsp coconut oil into a thick paste. Apply this mixture over your face and leave it for about 20 minutes. Wipe the mixture off with a damp cloth and then rinse the face with warm water. Surely, you’ll be amazed at how replenished and soft the skin would feel.


9. Coconut oil for Plump Lips

Coconut Oil for Face – 10 Easy Hacks

You don’t have to buy an expensive lip gloss when you have coconut oil sitting on your bathroom rack. Along with providing a subtle sheen to your lips, coconut oil also keeps them moisturized throughout the day. It will prevent your lips from getting chapped. Just take some coconut oil on your fingertip and dab it gently on your lips before heading out!


10. Heals Blemishes

Coconut Oil for Face – 10 Easy Hacks

This oil has the superpower to heal wounds and ease the pain as it contains monolaurin, which is a fatty acid renowned for its antibacterial properties. High-quality coconut oil could also keep the risk of infection within healing wounds at bay. To top it all, it even prevents scarring and blemishes after the skin is restored.


Frequently Asked Questions about Coconut Oil:

1. Is coconut oil good for your face?

Coconut oil has many benefits for your face including helping to minimize the signs of aging, moisturizing, reducing temporary redness and smoothing skin’s texture. But it can potentially clog pores for those with combination or oily skin so for those folks’ pure coconut oil should be avoided.

2. Are there any side effects?

Using coconut oil may not be right for everyone. Anecdotal evidence is mixed on coconut oil’s benefits for oily or acne-prone skin. Coconut oil is comedogenic, which means it can clog pores. While some people find that coconut oil helps clear their breakouts, making skin look brighter and feel softer, others find coconut oil too heavy to use as an overnight treatment. Since coconut oil can clog pores, it may contribute to acne breakouts in some people. If you have oily skin, coconut oil might cause blackheads, pimples, or whiteheads to form on your face if left on overnight. If you’ve been on long-term antibiotics or have a weakened immune system, you shouldn’t use coconut oil on your face. The oil can clog your pores and create a breeding ground for other types of fungal or bacterial infections or acne.

3. What are the benefits of coconut oil?

Coconut oil moisturizes the skin, minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles, protects skin against environmental stressors, and can soothe irritated skin. It’s also a great base for exfoliants so you can mix it up with some raw sugar or coarse sea salt for a DIY scrub.

4. Is coconut oil good for your skin?

Yes, coconut oil is good for your skin. It provides antioxidants, moisturizes, minimizes the signs of aging, boosts nutrients and helps to protect skin.

Coconut oil is a staple in our lives since many centuries but did you know that this multifaceted oil can be used in many innovative ways apart from normal skin and hair care?

In conclusion, coconut oil can work really well for some people. We always advise you to do a patch test 24 hours before applying coconut oil directly to your face to avoid any breakouts or inflammation. It is advised to not use coconut oil on acne-prone and oily skin as it may lead to pore clogging. It is vital to use only pure, organic, cold pressed coconut oil on your face to avoid any side-effects. If your skin reacts positively to coconut oil then go ahead and reap its benefits!

Coconut oil is a staple in our lives since many centuries but did you know that this multifaceted oil can be used in many innovative ways apart from normal skin and hair care?

Use coconut oil daily for healthy skin in these innovative ways and your body will thank you! Let us know which hack is your favourite in the comments below.

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