Skin Care

India is a land of a million diverse cultures and traditions but one common thread which binds all households in our country is the honored place given to the healing and medicinal herb -Turmeric.
Our skin goes through a lot all day and at the end of it, it deserves a soothing light treatment to bring back its glow. Hence, we have been blessed by Sandalwood to heal, soothe and brighten.
Easy Winter Skincare Routine for All Skin Types
Coconut oil is a staple in our lives since many centuries but did you know that this multifaceted oil can be used in many innovative ways apart from normal skin and hair care?
In this constant rush of life, all we need is to start off our day on a positive note. When our skin is glowing, we can tackle any difficult situation throughout the day with all our might.
Most people in the world struggle with dark circles due to stress, genetics or over exertion. The reasons may be plenty but the solutions are far easier, natural and 100% effective!
Tanned skin can make you feel fabulous or make you hide in your room till it goes away. While it eventually fades out, try out these effective at-home quick fixes for easy tan removal!
AYUSH - certified 100% natural alternatives, under one roof at Our Soundaryah Beauty Store
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