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Ram Chand
Ram Chand
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Wonderful experience. I was in search of natural hair colour for many years. In my search I got many and tried too but in vain. I am by nature near perfectionist and always continue to do so irrespective of my criticism. And ultimately I got your product.
Thank you so much .

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This is incredible. This face wash made my skin ultimately soft which I feel touching it often. Mine is a completely oily face, I often feel ennai kathirikai while seeing in mirror. But after couple is usages, I found my skin not to be oily for a good long duration and I don't even find a pimple in my face these days which I used to get during periods and some tiny pimples around my jaw. Thanks for the effort Dr.Hema and team. If possible, pls consider the price which will be of good help to us. Thank you.

Radha Shakunthla
Radha Shakunthla
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The ingredients are almost the same what my mom prepared for me in my school days… loved to use the same for my daughter

Honey and Cinnamon – The Secret Potion of Health and Beauty

Posted by Hemapriya Natesan on

Honey and Cinnamon – The Secret Potion of Health and Beauty

Honey and Cinnamon is a combination that has been used for centuries, as a potion for health and beauty.

We’ve often heard about various ingredients available in nature, which have huge benefits for our health. Nearly every natural product has some benefits or the other, but there are some which are superior since they can positively affect nearly every aspect of our health – such as honey and cinnamon!

Honey, also known as liquid gold, has been used for generations now as a cure-all, from sore throats to improving heart health. Produced by bees, it is widely used in cuisine and traditional medicine.

Cinnamon is a spice, extracted from the bark of the Cinnamomum tree. It appears in the form of curled sticks and is used either as a whole spice or powdered or pressed into oil. Cinnamon is so powerful that it was used by ancient Egyptians during embalming.

With so many benefits in each of these, you can imagine how potent a combination of honey and cinnamon can be! This isn’t something new either; it has been used for centuries now for various kinds of healing. Here is a look at some reasons why honey and cinnamon together are a secret potion.

8 Reasons Honey and Cinnamon are a secret potion of Health and Beauty

honey and cinnamon

1.Aids Weight Loss 

honey and cinnamon

Honey is one of the most popular weight loss ingredients used around the world. Substituting sugar with honey helps by reducing the number of calories since you don’t need as much honey as sugar. What’s more, honey has properties that reduce adiposity, which affects fat gain.

Honey is also a low GI food, which means that it slows down the breakdown of carbohydrates, leading to feeling fuller for longer and less overeating.

Cinnamon contains cinnamaldehyde, which may help with thermogenesis, the process of generating heat and burning calories. Cinnamon also has properties which suppress the appetite.

2.Improves Heart Health

honey and cinnamon improves heart health

Several studies have directly linked honey to a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease. The reason is that honey helps lower LDL (bad) cholesterol while increasing HDL (good) cholesterol. Cinnamon also possesses similar properties of lowering LDL cholesterol. Honey and cinnamon both fight inflammation, another cause for heart disease.

Separate studies have shown that both honey and cinnamon can reduce blood pressure. Besides, both these ingredients are packed with antioxidants which improve blood flow, prevent clots and reduce the attack of free radicals – one of the biggest reasons for heart disease.

3. Has Healing Properties

Honey and cinnamon have healing properties for all kinds of problems from skin infections to arthritis.

Both honey and cinnamon have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which make them ideal for healing wounds and burns. They also possess anti-inflammatory properties which help to fight pain.

A paste of honey and cinnamon applied on joints seems to reduce the pain and improve arthritis symptoms. This paste also works to heal insect bites and diabetic ulcers.

4.Prevents Spikes in Blood Sugar

honey and cinnamon

Cinnamon has the power to increase insulin sensitivity, which means the cells become more sensitive to insulin and moves sugar from the blood to the cells. This makes it a great spice for diabetics.

Honey, on the other hand, works better as a sweetener when consumed in small amounts. It has a better GI than sugar, which means that unlike sugar, it does not cause sudden spikes in blood sugar, which can be dangerous for diabetics.

5. Boosts Immunity

Raw, unfiltered honey contains pollen, which is excellent for boosting immunity and fighting allergies. Both honey and cinnamon contain a large amount of antioxidants that flush out free radicals and toxins, improving the body’s immune function.

Honey may also encourage the production of antibodies that improve immunity. Cinnamon and honey together improve gut health, which is a good starting point for overall health and wellbeing.

6.Improves Skin Health

honey and cinnamon

Honey and cinnamon can fix most common skin problems thanks to their antibacterial and antifungal properties. They help tackle acne, excess oiliness and flaky skin. It also helps to prevent these issues from occurring in the future.

The high antioxidant content of both honey and cinnamon protect against free radicals which can attack cells and lead to signs of premature ageing. Cinnamon can encourage collagen biosynthesis, a process which prevents premature ageing. This combination can also treat other skin conditions like eczema, dry skin and ringworm.

7. Improves Digestion

honey and cinnamon

Spices are generally considered good for digestion and cinnamon rules the roost. Cinnamon provides antispasmodic effects that ease indigestion and prevents gassiness. Honey soothes the digestive tract lining and contains digestion-boosting enzymes that help with constipation. The potassium in honey balances the acid accumulation in the digestive system.

The anti-inflammatory properties of cinnamon and honey help treat stomach ache, flatulence, acid reflux and other gastric issues. It can also tackle menstrual cramps, urinary infections and diarrhoea.

8. Promotes Hair Growth

Wild Honey is the best remedy for most hair and scalp issues. When combined with cinnamon, it turns into a potent hair growth formula.

Both ingredients help improve blood circulation to the scalp, thereby stimulating the follicles and speeding up the hair growth cycle. What’s more, it helps to cleanse the scalp and unclog the pores. This encourages better nourishment of follicles and better hair growth. The antimicrobial properties of honey and cinnamon also help treat dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis. The free flow of nutrients helps to stimulate the hair growth cycle and nourish hair growth. You also may want to consider cinnamon oil for hair growth, as cinnamon oil is a more concentrated version of the grated cinnamon commonly available in supermarkets.

How to use this secret potion of honey and cinnamon:

  1. Weight Loss – Mix 1 tsp honey and ¼ tsp cinnamon powder in a glass of warm water. Drink half an hour before breakfast on an empty stomach and before bed.
  2. Hair Loss – Mix 1 tbsp honey and ¼ tsp of cinnamon in olive oil and apply all over hair and scalp twice a week. Leave for 20 minutes and wash off.
  3. Glowing skin – Mix 3 tsp honey and 1 tsp cinnamon and apply all over the face. Leave for 20 minutes and wash off.

Please do a patch test before trying out any of these remedies.

To get all the effects of honey and cinnamon it’s important to use the right kind. Choose raw, wild honey over the filtered version, since wild honey contains bee pollen, propolis and bits of honeycomb, all of which are essential to get honey’s true benefits. As for cinnamon, go for Ceylon cinnamon instead of cassia. Cassia contains large amounts of coumarin which can be dangerous. Make sure you get your ingredients from a trusted source so you can be sure you’re getting the real deal.

honey and cinnamon


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