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Ram Chand
Ram Chand
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Wonderful experience. I was in search of natural hair colour for many years. In my search I got many and tried too but in vain. I am by nature near perfectionist and always continue to do so irrespective of my criticism. And ultimately I got your product.
Thank you so much .

Stars reviews Verified Purchase

This is incredible. This face wash made my skin ultimately soft which I feel touching it often. Mine is a completely oily face, I often feel ennai kathirikai while seeing in mirror. But after couple is usages, I found my skin not to be oily for a good long duration and I don't even find a pimple in my face these days which I used to get during periods and some tiny pimples around my jaw. Thanks for the effort Dr.Hema and team. If possible, pls consider the price which will be of good help to us. Thank you.

Radha Shakunthla
Radha Shakunthla
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The ingredients are almost the same what my mom prepared for me in my school days… loved to use the same for my daughter

How to Make Bindi At Home

Posted by Hemapriya Natesan on

How to Make Bindi At Home

If you wear a bindi every day then it’s very important to switch to natural and skin-friendly alternatives in order to reduce chemical exposure and retain maximum benefits.

Bindi is derived from the Sanskrit word bindu or a drop, which denotes the mystic third eye of a person. The red Bindi is also a sign of a married woman highlighting success, prosperity, love, and compassion. The Chandan Bindi is considered auspicious for the brides in Bengal. Bindis are also worn in different colors, sizes and styles based on your choice of outfit. No matter what the styles of your Bindi is, it is something we all wear with pride. It is a strong symbol of women empowerment and strength. It is an emblem of Nari Shakti. Women have the most important role in society and wearing a bright red dot on your forehead gives you the strength to keep going, achieve everything you desire and break gender norms every single day.

If a tiny dot can represent something so expansive, why not make it safer of us women? The bindis that are sold in the market have some amount of adhesive on the back to make them stick to the skin. If you wear a Bindi regularly then you might notice, the adhesive makes your skin sticky and over time small red patches start appearing on your forehead. Adhesive is of course made from chemicals and regular contact with these chemicals makes your skin break out. Another alternative to sticky bindis is buying vermilion or dry color which can be mixed with water and applied on the skin. Yet again, this powder has artificial color in it to make it stand out. So, what else can be done? Don’t fret, we got you.

How to Make Bindi At Home?

If you wear a bindi every day then it’s very important to switch to natural and skin-friendly alternatives in order to reduce chemical exposure and retain maximum benefits.

Looking for a chemical-free alternative to store-bought vermillion for your daily needs?

Here's a simple and easy recipe to make your very own 100% Natural Homemade Sindoor / Bindi!


  • 2 tbsp Turmeric Powder
  • 2 tbsp Slaked Lime/Calcium Hydroxide
  • 1 tsp Rose Petal Powder
  • Rose Water to mix


  • Mix the turmeric powder, slaked lime and rose petal powder in the proportions mentioned.
  • Store in a vial or small bottle.
  • To use, simply take a little bit of powder.
  • Add in a drop or two of rose water to achieve the desired consistency and use as intended!


Benefits of wearing chemical-free Bindi:

Bindi is an essential part of the Hindu culture. No Indian attire is complete without putting on a Bindi on the forehead. Bindi definitely works as a style statement and enhances your look but did you know it is also good for your health?

  1. Relieves Headaches: There is a specific point on our forehead where Bindi should be placed (right in between the eyebrows) and according to the principles of acupressure, this point instantly gives us relief from a headache. This is because it has a convergence of nerves and blood vessels. We are instantly relaxed when this point is massaged.
  2. Clears up Sinus: As the Bindi presses a specific branch of the trigeminal nerve which supplies our entire face, the nose and areas around it are stimulated. This helps to stimulate and increase the blood flow to the nasal passage, the mucosal lining of the nose and the sinuses. This helps to relieve a blocked nose as well as reduces swelling in the sinuses and the nose. Along with this, it also helps to relieve nasal congestion and sinusitis.
  3. Strengthens Your Facial Muscles And Can Beat Wrinkles: One of the most amazing benefits of stimulating this point is that it stimulates the muscles of the face and increases blood flow to all the muscles involved. This action helps retain the stiffness of the muscles, nourishes the skin and keeps wrinkles at bay. Apart from that this point is also the home of the supratrochlear nerve (a branch of a nerve which nourishes the skin), thereby helping the skin look more supple, healthy and wrinkle free for longer.
  4. Reduces Fine Lines Between Your Brows: Fine lines between the eyebrows are something that worries most people. If you want to keep those lines at bay, massage the spot between your brows once a day. Massaging this muscle not only strengthens the muscle, but also helps in increasing blood flow and nervous stimulation to the skin in that area. In effect stopping the appearance of those annoying 'worry lines'.
  5. Beats Insomnia: The point where the Bindi is placed is also very effective in beating insomnia. This calms your mind as well as relaxes the muscles of your neck, upper body, face and back. Pressing this point every day for some time will help you sleep easily.
  6. Calms Your Mind: The point between the eyebrows where we wear a Bindi should be massaged every day as it helps to relax the muscles and nerves in this area. Along with this, it has a calming effect on our bodies. This is also the point that you subconsciously press when you are in a stressed situation.


The material used to make the Bindi is also of great importance:

Apart from massaging the area the material that you use to apply your tilak or Bindi also has a role to play.

How to Make Bindi At Home

Kumkum is made by mixing turmeric and lime. The lime changes the color of turmeric, giving Kumkum its characteristic color. This mixture is also one of the best remedies for a headache. It relaxes the muscles of the forehead and provides instant relief. Moreover, this mixture is highly hygroscopic in nature (has the ability to absorb water) and therefore had the ability to absorb any 'water' or mucous logged in the head. Apart from that the mixture is antibacterial in nature and helps to keep infections at bay.

How to Make Bindi At Home

Rose water is known to benefit the skin and cool the nerves below it. It helps in keeping the mind calm and cooling the entire system. Moreover, medical science has proved that this point on our body is probably the most sensitive area with the highest convergence of nerves. Therefore, applying rose water to it helps in cooling the nerves and relieve headaches caused due to excessive exposure to the sun.

 If you wear a bindi every day then it’s very important to switch to natural and skin-friendly alternatives in order to reduce chemical exposure and retain maximum benefits.

To the one who is reading this blog, you are a strong, independent, amazing, all-rounder, creative, successful woman, daughter, mother, wife and sister. You are strength and integrity. You are the highest version of yourself and Team Soundaryah salutes you for keeping your head high with pride through every difficulty you face on a daily basis. Now that you are well-read in the making of bindis, do share pictures of your DIY bindis and tag us in them!

If you wear a bindi every day then it’s very important to switch to natural and skin-friendly alternatives in order to reduce chemical exposure and retain maximum benefits.

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