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Ram Chand
Ram Chand
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Wonderful experience. I was in search of natural hair colour for many years. In my search I got many and tried too but in vain. I am by nature near perfectionist and always continue to do so irrespective of my criticism. And ultimately I got your product.
Thank you so much .

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This is incredible. This face wash made my skin ultimately soft which I feel touching it often. Mine is a completely oily face, I often feel ennai kathirikai while seeing in mirror. But after couple is usages, I found my skin not to be oily for a good long duration and I don't even find a pimple in my face these days which I used to get during periods and some tiny pimples around my jaw. Thanks for the effort Dr.Hema and team. If possible, pls consider the price which will be of good help to us. Thank you.

Radha Shakunthla
Radha Shakunthla
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The ingredients are almost the same what my mom prepared for me in my school days… loved to use the same for my daughter

DIY All-Natural Homemade Tooth Powder Recipe

Posted by Hemapriya Natesan on

DIY All-Natural Homemade Tooth Powder Recipe

Tooth powders have been around for centuries and there is a solid reason why your grandmother still prefers this homemade hygiene product over toothpastes.

As you begin to think of personal hygiene, the first thing which comes to your mind is a toothbrush and a toothpaste. What is the first thing you do as soon as you wake up in the morning? You guessed it right; you go to the bathroom and brush your teeth! Brushing your teeth twice a day is one of the best personal hygiene habits that we as humans have instilled in our mind.

Toothpaste has become a cult, with a thousand different varieties, brands, flavor profiles, and functions available. Each new commercial touts a different dentist's recommendation, leaving buyers baffled in the drugstore aisle, wondering if whitening specialties actually work. The majority of people believe that using tooth pastes will make their teeth whiter. As a result, they use toothpaste interchangeably. It is as absurd as the notion that bathing with soap enhances beauty. In actuality, toothpaste cannot alter the natural colour of teeth. Toothpaste overuse has been linked to conditions such as tooth enamel thinning and increased sensitivity. Brushing your teeth harder and more frequently wears down the enamel, bringing the dentine closer to the tooth's surface and making the tooth appear darker rather than whiter. Misguided beliefs about toothpaste can trap patients in a cycle of increased tooth damage.

Toothpastes contain Fluoride as their main ingredient which is responsible for protecting your teeth from sacrilege and strengthening enamel. The increase in the amount of fluoride will affect the health of teeth and bones as well. The polishing agents in pastes may cause teeth to become acidulous as a result of enamel thinning. You must be wondering: what is a cleaner, safer alternative to toothpastes? It’s your homemade tooth powder!

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Benefits of Tooth Powder:

  • Research indicates that powder is more effective at removing stains and plaque than toothpaste.
  • It can be easily made at home, providing control over ingredients.
  • Tooth powders are meant to be dry, so they don't contain humectants.
  • It is environmentally-friendly since you don’t need plastic tubes to store tooth powder.
  • Tooth powders don’t contain fluoride, so it is non-toxic and safer than toothpaste for children.
  • It is very easy to use and does not harm your body if it is accidentally ingested.
  • With the addition of spices and herbs, the traditional medicinal properties are retained!


DIY All-Natural Homemade Tooth Powder Recipe

DIY All-Natural Homemade Tooth Powder Recipe


1 tbsp. Bentonite Clay

½ tbsp. Baking Soda

¼ tbsp. finely Ground Unrefined Sea Salt

1 pinch Clove powder

¼ tsp, Ground Cinnamon powder

¼ tsp. Ground Mint leaves

¼ tsp, Unrefined Stevia powder

1 pinch Activated Charcoal



  1. Mix till all ingredients are blended well.
  2. Store the mixture in a clean dry glass jar.
  3. To use, add little to a wet toothbrush and brush your teeth as you normally would.
  4. It is also safe for the little ones and can be used with a bit of coconut oil as well!

 Tooth powders have been around for centuries and there is a solid reason why your grandmother still prefers this homemade hygiene product over toothpastes.

This is the easiest and the best DIY recipe for maintaining your personal hygiene. Dental care is very important. You simply cannot go a day without maintaining dental hygiene, not only for the sake of others but because it makes you feel not-put-together. This herbal tooth powder is not only very easy to use but also helps reduce your carbon footprint. You can sleep better by knowing that you have joined hands in helping the Earth become a better place for our future generation by eliminating plastic tubes, chemicals and fluoride. Our pearly whites need more TLC than an over-the-counter minty paste that burns the palate, and that's why we're sharing our tooth powder recipe with you! We assure you... This. Is. Gold.

Tooth powders have been around for centuries and there is a solid reason why your grandmother still prefers this homemade hygiene product over toothpastes.

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