One-On-One Wellness Session

  • 45 Minute Focussed Discussion

  • Uncover Your Main Hair and Skin Challenge

  • Get A Customised Natural Self Care Plan

One-on-one Dedicated support

Holistic Natural Wellness Solutions

Customized Hair and Skin Care Rituals

Loved and highly recommended by Moms

What makes the ONE on ONE session Special ?

Soundaryah's One-on-One Wellness Session gives you a dedicated 45 minute long session, to discover unique and customised solutions to your major hair, skin and body challenges.  

We will work with you to help resolve your self care challenges by developing a 100% customised and sustainable self care routine that works just for YOU.  

Think of it as a self care prescription written just for you!!!

  • Customized for your Skin & Hair type

  • Easily implementable solutions.

  • 1 month of FREE followup support

  • Traditional tips and recipes

  • Lifestyle and Diet advice

Loved by moms

We Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves

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I want to move to a totally chemical free beauty routine . Can the consultation help me find my hair and skin type and create my own personalized beauty care regime with product and diy suggestions etc ?

Absolutely ! Our dedicated one on one session has helped scores of women to find out their unique hair and skin type and the best natural products that would suit them including diy preparations as well !

How will one session resolve all my skin and hair care problems?

Our sessions are designed expertly to take you through identifying and resolving your skin and hair issues with a step by step meticulous approach . At the end of the consultation you will have a comprehensive plan which we will then support you with a whole month's free follow up to ensure that your issues are successfully resolved !

Is the consultation for only hair and skin care issues or other self care challenges too ?

Our session covers all aspects of natural self care including women's overall mental , emotional and physical health. Apart from diet and lifestyle solutions, our expert panel can also offer support for mental and emotional health challenges.

Is the Wellness Session for mother's only ?

While a huge chunk of Soundaryah users are mom's our wellness session is for women across all age groups.

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