About Us



Soundaryah is a community effort to create happier and healthier lives through traditional self care methods, using only handcrafted and 100% natural products for the body, hair and skin.

Founded by Dr Hemapriya Gopi,Certified Child Nutritionist, Dr Gopi Nallaiyan, Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon and Sohini Trehan, International Counsellor and Certified Naturalist, Soundaryah’s mission is to help people replace toxic personal care products with safer and more effective solutions that are 100% rooted in Nature.

Through Soundaryah, we aim to create awareness about the importance of using natural and chemical-free wellness products - just like our ancestors did through the use of indigenous herbs and locally available resources.

Together, we have been on a quest for making safe, purely natural and authentic
wellness essentials available to everyone, so that along with us, we can ensure that our planet also stays healthy and happy.