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A 100% chemical free non-foaming herbal hair cleanser for naturally healthy and nourished hair.

100% Natural & Ministry of Ayush Certified.

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  1. Amla 
  2. Reetha
  3. Shikakai
  4. Neem
  5. Kannauj Rose
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Traditionally Sourced

From native farmers in India

Chemical Free

Chemical and Toxin Free

Hand Made

Every batch is handcrafted with love


by Ministry of AYUSH INDIA

How does Royal Herbal Hair Wash Work ?


The gentle cleansing helps in detangling and hence reduces hair breakage and hair fall.

Natural Astringent

It acts as a mild astringent which helps reduce oiliness and dandruff.


Helps in reduction of free radicals and therefore aids in reduction and slowing down of hair greying. 

The Perfect Blend Of Natural Ingredients

Organic Amla

Our star ingredient amla prevents premature greying of hair


Acts as a natural cleanser. Its Anti-fungal and Antibacterial effect prevents Dandruff.


Detangles the hair gently and prevents Hair Fall.


Acts as anti-inflammatory, anti fungal and anti bacterial and prevents dandruff. It nourishes the Scalp and prevents hair fall.

Kannauj Rose

It replenishes lost moisture for smoother, shinier and healthier hair.

How do I use it ?

1.For medium length hair, mix 3 tsps of Soundaryah’s Royal Herbal Hair Cleanser in a bowl.

2.Add sufficient luke warm water to form a rough, wet paste.

3.Wet hair thoroughly and then apply the paste all over scalp and hair.

4.Massage scalp for a few minutes in circular motions.

5.Wash with luke warm water until no residue is left.

6.Apply a small amount of a light hair oil like almond or coconut all over hair length to semi damp hair and let dry naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Royal Herbal Hair Wash Right for ME ?

Royal Herbal Hair Wash is the perfect solution for stopping HAIR FALL. 

It strengthens the hair roots and makes hair stronger, lustrous and silky. 

Best choice for people who have 

-Severe Hair fall 


-Early greying 


-Post partum Hair fall

I have used powder hair washes before and my hair turns rough and frizzy everytime. Will your hair wash give better results?

The most important and usually overlooked factor in the making of herbal hair washes is the ratio of the herbs which if not formulated properly can make hair rough and frizzy.

Our hair wash formula therefore has pure herbs like amla , reetha and shikakai in a ratio which doesn’t dry out hair and also includes neem for ph balance and rose petals for softness.

Another important aspect of switching over to chemical-free and natural regimes is the transition period that our body goes through when getting used to it. As you continue using our detergent-free hair wash for the next few weeks, you'll notice that your hair is going through a natural transition period and you'll find that it will settle down beautifully and thrive naturally in a months time.

Along with the hair wash we also highly recommend a last oil water rinse – which is a very simple and natural way of conditioning the hair without chemicals. Just add a few drops of pure virgin coconut oil to your last mug of water , mix well and then pour over washed hair .

Blot your hair with a towel and let your hair air dry naturally. This oil rinse will take care of any roughness or frizz.

Should we leave the hair wash powder paste on for a few minutes or wash immediately ?

After applying the paste massage scalp for a few minutes [3-5 minutes] in circular motions and then

Wash with luke warm water until no residue is left.

Apply a small amount of a light hair oil like almond or coconut all over hair length to semi damp hair and let dry naturally.

How often should we use the hair wash ? More frequently than shampoo or less?

When you switch over to this natural hair wash you can use it as frequently as you use your shampoo but after a months time you will notice that your hair will feel healthier and less greasy and will not need that frequent shampooing and you can can then use hair wash twice a week.

Apply a small amount of a light hair oil like almond or coconut all over hair length to semi damp hair and let dry naturally.

Can this be used for kids?

Yes this hair wash can be used for kids and is very beneficial for their hair health.

Just remember to apply in small quantity and in diluted form.

For customised instructions for using hair wash, you can drop a whatsapp message to 9786953953 with some basic details like your child age and hair length etc.

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