Amrutham FAQ's

1. I am hesitant to use honey on my hair as I have heard that it can turn hair grey? Is this true or just a myth?
Honey is a natural moisturiser and has been scientifically proven to make hair shiny, strong and frizz free. It is a myth that honey can turn hair white and greying of hair occurs when the cells that make hair dark stop functioning properly due to genetic causes, excessive stress and lack of nutritions in our diet.

2. Can breastfeeding mums safely consume Amrutam? 
Yes breastfeeding mums can safely consume honey as long as it is in small quantities. Our standard recommendation is 1- .5 tsp daily.

3. Have honey bees been harmed during the making of Amrutam? 
Amrutam is 100 % responsibly sourced honey being extracted in the traditional eco sensitive way by the hands of the Tribals themselves who know the value of honey bees in the ecosystem so closely that they worship them. No bees are not being harmed and Infact they are highly reverered by the tribes who take the honey only in minimal quantity as a gift from the bees and Mother Nature. 

4. Can Amrutam be given to kids?
Yes it can be given to kids above two years old especially during cough or cold.

5. How to take Amrutam as a detox and for medicinal use?
Amrutam can be taken daily for best results as a detox by diluting one tsp in a cup of warm water first thing in the morning. It can be also taken in warm milk as a night time drink. You can use Amrutam as a healthy replacement of sugar in smoothies and herbal teas as well. 

6. Do both bottles have the same ingredients? 
Yes both bottles have the same ingredients but for ease of use one has been labelled for eating and one for applying.

7. How to use Amrutam as a hair conditioner?
To use as a hair conditioner add one tsp of Amrutam to a mug of warm water, mix well and pour over your hair from scalp to tis after shampooing. Wash off with water thoroughly and then dry naturally.

8.Why are Amrutham Honey Bottles So Small?
As Amrutam Kits are going out to our buyers we want everyone to know as we have mentioned on our website and video unboxing that it is a kit of two 100 ml bottles and not the average commercial honey size that we habitually see in markets.
Firstly we are not making profits on this by selling small quantity. Infact the margin is just enough to cover the production and packaging costs.
This is pure wild honey. Sourced painstakingly and in a 100% ecofriendly way.
This honey has not been heat treated or diluted.
And FINALLY it takes 12 worker wild bees to produce a single teaspoon of honey! Taking that further, to produce two bottles of honey it takes 30,000 bees travelling 27,500 miles and visiting more than a million flowers to gather the nectar required!
That's how Special this honey is. Let's break the myths of quantity over quality and choose honey that is pure and respects the bees who make it and the people who consume it!